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Columbia, S.C.

Pro Green Trees and Landscapes wants to make sure your property stays beautiful, and that is why we offer tree trimming and pruning services.

There are many reasons to trim or prune a tree:

  • To beautify your yard
  • Help your trees grow
  • Remove hazardous branches
  • Treat diseases

Pruning and Trimming can not only help beautify your property; it can also provide many beneficial enhancements to the trees and shrubs themselves. Call (803)467-1979 to schedule a free on-site quote for pruning and trimming, or other services from Pro Green Trees.

Pro Green services Lexington, Columbia, and the other surrounding areas in South Carolina.

Pro Green Trees Removing and Cutting Limbs

Pro Green Trees Staff Pruning and Trimming Limbs

Key Benefits of the Service

Let our team of licensed and insured professionals create a solution to meet your pruning and trimming needs! Whether you are looking for a complete removal or a bit of a cleanup, our team can help!

 Create A Better View!
Promote Growth!
Treat Diseases!