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Pro Green Trees Outdoor Kitchen

Pro Green Trees Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a great way to extend your living space and create a space to entertain. In Columbia, outdoor kitchens are perfect for spring, summer, and fall seasons. Grill out with friends and family and enjoy the outdoors while crafting exquisite meals.


Outdoor Kitchen Design Process

Every client has a unique style and wants to fulfill a specific purpose when designing their outdoor kitchen. Our job is to transform the existing space into a functional area that meets the clients needs and matches the style of the outdoor-space.

Our Columbia, SC design professionals take essential steps to ensure the outdoor kitchen we craft meets your needs. Taking the time to get to know everything from how many people you typically entertain to the types of appliances you would like is what sets Pro Green apart. This process ensures you’ll have a hassle-free experience and be cooking and entertaining in your new outdoor kitchen in no time.